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Sale of ultrasound scanners

360 ultrasound scanner service

If you are looking for the best in diagnostic medical imaging equipment for your clinic or medical centre, contact us. Our company specializes in the sale of well-known ultrasound scanner brands, providing you with the most advanced technology and high quality at the lowest price on the market. Our 360 ultrasound scanner service is available throughout Spain to satisfy all your needs.

Ultrasound scanner maintenance

Our commitment is not limited only to sales; we also provide a complete ultrasound scanner maintenance service in order to guarantee the optimal performance of your medical equipment. We have a team of specialist technicians who will be responsible for the care and periodic review of your medical equipment. In addition, our stock of original spare parts means that we can carry out any repair that is necessary. Trust us to keep your ultrasound equipment in excellent working order.

Ultrasound scanner sales service

Our company offers you an ultrasound scanner sales service that meets all your needs. We work with the best brands in the market, thus ensuring the quality and reliability of our medical equipment. Whether you need portable ultrasound scanners or state-of-the-art professional ultrasound scanners, we have a wide range of options to suit your specific requirements.

Ultrasound scanner technical service

Our ultrasound scanner technical service has highly trained professionals with experience in the repair of diagnostic medical equipment. We use original spare parts to ensure the optimal and sustainable performance of your transducers. Whether troubleshooting technical issues or carrying out repairs, you can trust our team to keep your ultrasound scanners in tip-top condition.

Ultrasound scanner brands

When it comes to ultrasound scanner brands, our company works hard to provide you with the best. We have established strategic alliances with renowned European manufacturers in the sector to ensure the greatest comfort and efficiency in your medical equipment. Thanks to these collaborations, we can offer you affordable prices without compromising the quality of the equipment.

In addition, we undertake to provide you with all the original spare parts you may need for your ultrasound scanners. We have a wide range of options, including refurbished, new and test ultrasound scanners. You won’t have to look anywhere else, we will make sure that you have all the parts you need.

General Electric

In our catalogue you will find ultrasound scanners and medical equipment for diagnostic imaging with the General Electric seal.

Ob/Gyn ultrasound scanners

  • Voluson E10
  • Voluson E8
  • Voluson E6
  • Voluson S10
  • Voluson S8
  • Voluson S6
  • Voluson P8

Radiology ultrasound scanners

  • Logiq E10 XDClear
  • Logiq E9 XDClear

Cardiovascular ultrasound scanners

  • Vivid E95
  • Vivid S70
  • Vivid S60
  • Vivid T8
  • Vivid iq Portable

Multispecialty ultrasound scanners

  • Logiq S8 XDClear
  • LOGIQ e R7 Portable


Multispecialty ultrasounds scanners.

  • Aplio i- series ( Aplio i900, Aplio i800, Aplio i700, Aplio i600)
  • Aplio a-series ( Aplio A550, Aplio A450, Aplio A)
  • Aplio Platinium Series ( Aplio 500, Aplio 400, Aplio 300)


Multispecialty ultrasounds scanners.

  • Acuson S3000 Helx Touch

  • Acuson S2000 Helx Touch

  • Acuson S1000 Helx Touch

  • Acuson Juniper

  • Acuson X700

Cardiovascular ultrasound scanners

  • Acuson SC2000 Prime

  • Acuson Juniper

  • Acuson X700


Multispecialty ultrasounds scanners.

  • EPIQ- Elite
  • Epiq 7, Epiq 5
  • Affiniti 70
  • Affiniti 50

Cardiovascular ultrasound scanners

  • Epiq CVx
  • Epiq 7c
  • Epiq 5c

With SCPmedical, you'll have everything covered.

To ensure optimum comfort and efficiency, we have selected only the best European manufacturers of professional ultrasound scanners. Our alliance with different brands enables us to offer you affordable prices without reducing the quality of the medical equipment.

With us, you won’t have to search for any parts. We have original spare parts for different categories of ultrasound scanner: refurbished, new and test or exhibition.

Are you looking for an ultrasound repair service? Put your trust in us. We have our own laboratory.


How does an ultrasound scanner work?

An ultrasound scanner works by using ultrasound waves that are emitted through a transducer. The transducer sends the waves to the area of the body to be examined. When the ultrasound waves collide with the tissues in the body, an echo is produced and picked up by the transducer. From these echoes, images are generated in real time that enable the body’s internal structures to be viewed.

What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses ultrasound waves to obtain detailed images of the body’s internal structures. These images are generated from the echoes produced by the ultrasound waves when they interact with the body’s tissues. Ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe and widely used medical tool to evaluate organs, tissues and body systems.

What is an abdominal ultrasound used for?

An abdominal ultrasound is used to evaluate the organs and structures of the abdomen.

This technique enables the detection and evaluation of various conditions, including tumours, cysts, inflammations, gallstones, obstructions. Abdominal ultrasound is a versatile and safe diagnostic tool that provides detailed images and helps healthcare professionals obtain valuable information for the diagnosis and monitoring of various diseases and medical conditions.