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Flat-panel detectors for use in radiology

At SCPmedical, we offer state-of-the-art solutions in digital radiology, including the innovative flat-panel detector. This technological component has revolutionized the way in which radiographic images are obtained, providing greater quality, efficiency and versatility in the field of radiology.

What is the flat-panel detector?

The flat-panel detector is a technological component used in radiology systems that has revolutionized the way in which radiographic images are obtained. It consists of a flat, slimline and compact x-ray detector, composed of an array of radiation-sensitive pixels. Unlike conventional detectors, such as phosphor plates or radiographic films, the flat-panel detector does not require development or chemical processing, as it is capable of directly capturing radiation and converting it into an electrical signal.

This technological advance has significantly improved the quality of radiographic images, as the flat-panel detector achieves a higher spatial resolution, a wider dynamic range and a faster response. In addition, because it does not require film or development processes, using this flat-panel detector reduces the time it takes to obtain images and facilitates their storage and digital distribution.

Uses of the flat-panel detector

The flat-panel detector has a wide variety of uses in radiology systems, thanks to its technical and operational advantages. Some of the most common uses of the flat-panel detector are:

Direct Digital Radiography: The flat-panel detector enables high-quality digital radiographic images to be obtained quickly and efficiently. These images can be viewed and analyzed in real time, which facilitates medical decision making and accurate diagnosis.

Computed Tomography (CT): The flat-panel detector is used in computed tomography systems to capture radiographic images at multiple angles and generate three-dimensional reconstructions of the body. This enables better visualization of the internal structures and greater diagnostic accuracy.

Interventional Radiology: In interventional radiological procedures, such as catheter placement, ultrasound-guided biopsies or angiography, the flat-panel detector is used to obtain real-time images that guide the physician during the procedure. This improves the accuracy and safety of the procedures, reducing the need for more complex invasive interventions.

Portable Radiology: The compact and slimline design of the flat-panel detector makes it ideal for use in portable radiology equipment, such as mobile radiography systems. This enables radiographic examinations to be performed at the patient’s bedside or in places where fixed radiology systems are not available, providing greater comfort and access to medical care.

Flat-panel models

At SCP medical, we offer a wide range of flat-panel models to meet the specific needs of our customers in the field of digital radiology.

Leonardo DR nano

Mobile X-ray system with wireless X-ray detector, 35×43 cm format

The incredibly lightweight portable X-ray backpack system for veterinary radiography

Simply sling the Leonardo DR nano lightweight X-ray backpack over your shoulder and head off to your next X-ray examination. The Leonardo DR nano consists of just two components: a wireless X-ray detector and a laptop. Weighing just under 9 kg (including carrying case, laptop, accessories and flat-panel detector), the system is one of the lightest portable X-ray solutions in the world. It is ideal for ambulatory digital radiography, anytime, anywhere. Getting tangled up in annoying cables is a thing of the past.

The Leonardo’s simple user interface makes it easy for staff to generate excellent X-ray images. In addition, the integrated multimedia X-ray positioning guide helps with patient positioning. The Leonardo DR nano system is well-suited for use in confined spaces. The X-ray unit and detector have a wireless connection to the acquisition and diagnostic software on the laptop. The X-ray detector and laptop can be stationed up to 10 m away and still function optimally.

X-ray images are available for viewing on the laptop immediately after exposure and can be sent to the owner and to veterinary experts via email or cloud services.

Thanks to its low weight and compact construction, the Leonardo DR nano system can be used almost anywhere: in veterinary practices, equine clinics and university hospitals.


Mobile system with wireless detector in 30 x 24 cm (12″ x 10″) format

Comfortable and sturdy X-ray bag, also suitable as a shoulder bag or backpack, with only X-ray detector and laptop

The 17″ laptop and the 12″ x 10″ (30 x 24 cm) X-ray detector with protective casing take up very little space in the well-padded robust bag. Weighing only approx. 7.1 kg, the Leonardo DR pico can be easily transported to any location. The practical X-ray bag is also suitable for stationary use in veterinary practices or equine clinics. The system can be complemented with a battery-operated portable X-ray generator (from approx. 6.8 kg). The X-ray system is easy to use and quick to set up on site and is ready for use.

The simple operation of OR Technology’s acquisition and diagnostic software pre-installed on the laptop enables even less experienced radiologists to work easily and intuitively. Optimal X-ray images are therefore guaranteed In addition, the integrated multimedia X-ray positioning guide helps with patient positioning.


Two versions of the Leonardo DR mini II system are available:

Leonardo DR mini II

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Mobile X-ray system with wireless CSL flat-panel detector 12" x 10", 24 x 30 cm format

Leonardo DR mini II

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Mobile X-ray system with wireless CSL flat-panel detector 14" x 17", 35 x 43 cm format

The compact case solution for X-rays in stables, clinics and hospitals

The newest model in our Leonardo series, the compact and versatile Leonardo DR mini II combines X-ray detector technology with high-performance acquisition and diagnostic software. Weighing just 8.9 kg, the system is one of the lightest suitcase X-ray solutions in the world. The Leonardo DR mini II is designed for use in confined spaces as well as in the field, making it ideal for modern vets. The case system is the perfect solution for fixed and portable X-rays for mobile veterinary practices, as well as equine and mixed animal clinics.

The Leonardo DR mini II is quick to set up and easy to use. Its built-in 17″ premium laptop with high resolution touch screen monitor as well as integrated acquisition and diagnostic software ensures excellent image display. The X-ray case has two large LEDs that are clearly visible even from a distance of several metres. These LEDs indicate the status of the software, such as “ready for exposure”. In addition, a signal tone sounds when the status changes. The laptop can be easily removed from its secure location inside the case for use in an ergonomically ideal position or as a tablet during presentations.

An optional reporting module for pre-purchase X-ray examinations makes this system attractive for equine evaluation. The integrated diagnostic software also enables fast and cost-effective exchange of information worldwide (via cloud or email) in accordance with security standards for telemedicine solutions. All that’s required is an Internet connection.

Sales of flat-panel detectors at SCPmedical

SCPmedical are leaders in the sale of high-quality medical equipment, and our range includes a wide selection of flat-panel detectors for digital radiology. If you are looking to buy a state-of-the-art flat-panel detector for your clinic or diagnostic centre, you have come to the right place.

Our veterinary flat-panel models are designed to offer exceptional image quality, fast and efficient acquisition of radiographic images and greater diagnostic accuracy. We work with recognized and trusted brands in the field of radiology in order to ensure that we offer you products of the highest quality and performance.

Whether you are looking for a compact and portable flat-panel detector, such as the Leonardo DR nano, or a more versatile and powerful model, such as the Leonardo DR pico or Leonardo DR mini II, at SCP Medical we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your skills in digital radiology systems. For more information about our flat-panel detectors and for bespoke advice, please complete the contact form below. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you and provide you with all the information you need.


What is a flat-panel detector used for?

A flat-panel detector in radiology has multiple uses and applications. Mainly, it is used to obtain high-quality digital radiographic images. These images are used in the diagnosis of various medical conditions, enabling health professionals to obtain an accurate, detailed view the internal structures of the human and animal body.

How does a flat-panel detector work?

The operation of a flat-panel detector is based on X-ray detection technology and the conversion of these rays into digital electrical signals. These detectors convert the energy of the X-rays into electrical signals proportional to the intensity and position of the radiation received. These signals are processed and converted into digital images in real time, which can be displayed on a screen or monitor.

What are flat-panel X-ray detectors made of?

Flat-panel X-ray detectors are mainly manufactured using amorphous silicon technology and materials such as cadmium telluride (CdTe) or cesium iodide (CsI). These materials have properties that make them highly efficient in the detection of X-rays and the conversion of radiation into electrical signals. In addition, the panels are protected by protective layers and special coatings to ensure greater durability and safety during use. The combination of these materials and technologies makes it possible to obtain high-quality and accurate radiographic images in the field of digital radiology.