Ultrasound equipment from top brands

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Imaging systems, radiology and cardiac devices

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At SCPmedical we have state-of-the-art ultrasound scanners and diagnostic medical imaging equipment. Please feel free to browse our catalogue. Remember that we provide a 360 sales service that includes preventive maintenance and technical repair.

Medical imaging equipment
General Electric

In our catalogue you will find ultrasound
and medical equipment for diagnostic imaging with the General Electric seal.

Ob/Gyn ultrasound scanners

Voluson E10
Voluson E8
Voluson E6
Voluson S10
Voluson S8
Voluson S6
Voluson P8

Radiology ultrasound scanners

Logiq E10 XDClear
Logiq E9 XDClear

Cardiovascular ultrasound scanners

Vivid E95
Vivid S70
Vivid S60
Vivid T8
Vivid iq Portable

Multispecialty ultrasound scanners

Logiq S8 XDClear
LOGIQ e R7 Portable

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Medical imaging equipment from other brands

Are you looking for medical imaging equipment from other well-known industry manufacturers? Take a look at our list.

Multispecialty ultrasound scanners.
Aplio i- series ( Aplio i900, Aplio i800, Aplio i700, Aplio i600)
Aplio a-series ( Aplio A550, Aplio A450, Aplio A)
Aplio Platinium Series ( Aplio 500, Aplio 400, Aplio 300)

Multispecialty ultrasounds scanners.
EPIQ- Elite
Epiq 7, Epiq 5
Affiniti 70
Affiniti 50

Cardiovascular ultrasound scanners
Epiq CVx
Epiq 7c
Epiq 5c

Multispecialty ultrasounds scanners.
Acuson S3000 Helx Touch
Acuson S2000 Helx Touch
Acuson S1000 Helx Touch
Acuson Juniper
Acuson X700

Cardiovascular ultrasound scanners
Acuson SC2000 Prime
Acuson Juniper
Acuson X700

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